Prehistoric Art Emergency


(Above) The request which Nelson Rebanda had me write and then faxed to the IPPAR.

The IPPAR ultimately acceded to Rebanda’s repeated requests to them to give me an access permit. The difficulty he had in getting the above document made it clear what terrible obstacles he had had to fight against in the many hostile emanations of the government that he had to deal with - the EDP, the Ministry of Industry, and even at times, the Ministry of Culture.

One of the cover letters that accompanied copies of signed petitions.

(Above) Professor Jorge was gracious enough to acknowledge reception of petitions that were forwarded to him from Paris.

The map of the valley that Nelson Rebanda gave me, showing the two sites that he was getting authorization for me to visit, by hook or by crook - Canada do Inferno (1) & Penascosa (2). Our campsite was between the two on the left bank, in a quarry just to the north of the Ribeira de Piscos (Piscos Brook).